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SS2020  Apollo and the Nine Muses Collection was presented on the runway of Fashion Art Toronto on April 24th, 2019.

The Apollo and the Nine Muses collection is an artistic bridal and evening wear collection inspired by Viennese classicism sculptures by Joseph Klieber. The sandstone figures illustrate nine muses and Apollo in Greek mythology. Each muse represents a form of art including poetry, astronomy, dance, comedy, tragedy, lyric, love poetry, history and music. Each look in the collection addresses one type of art. A variety of fabrics with different weight and texture such as tulle, organza, beaded and embroidered lace and sequined mesh are used, along with intensive handwork for surface textile details to create unique and artistic modern bridalwear.

Since each look is addressing an art form represented by a goddess, the runway incorporated performance elements into the presentation such as dance and singing, as how Apollo and the nine muses accompany the dining of gods with music and song. Professional talents participated the runway show by performing during the collection being introduced on the runway. Florist Kirsten Garbutt of Black Gypsy custom made the floral headpieces and stylized the collection with a variety of materials. 

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