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PHOENIX BA SS20 // CAAFD Spring Summer 2020 Runway Couture 

 New York Fashion Week



ifashion network

CAAFD Emerging Designers Outshine during NYFW SS20 Collective Showcasing

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Filippo Fattoruso



Planet Fashion TV

NYFW: CAAFD Emerging Designer Runway Show

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CAAFD at New York Fashion Week Spring 2020

CAAFD Emerging Designer Collective - Front Row - September 2019

New York Fashion Week: The Shows

TVO Short Doc:  Runway Dreams

Runway Dreams captures behind-the-scenes on "what it takes" for an aspiring model and a fashion designer to make it to a major fashion runway. The doc take an intimate look into their lives, including challenges that a model needs to overcome to walk the prestigious Toronto and New York Fashion Week and challenges faced by an Asian designer  such as high runway fees, lack of industry support and impact on the family.

Phoenix Ba is the featured emerging designer in this documentary.

The documentary is also available on Amazon Prime Video:

Best of Toronto: FAT 2019

The Phoenix Ba SS2020 Apollo and Nine Muses Bridal Wear Collection was released on April 24th at Fashion Art Toronto, Best of Toronto covered some runway looks of the collection and the performers of the show. Also view the collection through the runway page.

DIY Layover Toronto

Fashion Karete Gi
Brocade Organza Ball Gown

The Amazon Prime Video DIY TravelShow producer Mr. Charles Huang approached the designer a week before Fashion Forward 2018 annual show and proposed the idea of including the new talents Mahta Gharaei and Katelynne Lawrence, who are 2018 Miss Teenage Canada first runner-up and crown, on the runway. Having the collection and lineup ready, the designer made two extra looks for the amazing young women.


Mahta is a multi-talented teenage who plays Karate and won many gold and championships worldwide. She sings, plays violin, and participates in social activities and charity events.  She is also a straight A student that never sacrifices academic while doing all the above. As a 14 year old lady, she is limitless. One thing that caught the designer's eyes was that she has been practicing Karate to a very high level where her focus, discipline, persistence, true strength and beauty that differentiate her from everyone else was shown. Since Mahta also has the dream and hobby of beauty and modelling, why don’t bring the Karate side of her on the runway and let her tell her own story? That’s how this idea of fashion karate gi was born. The color and print of the fabric was selected based on the collection color scheme and Mahta's background as a Persian. Different fabric materials were mixed; fringe, ribbon, piping etc. were there to add details.

Katelynne is a beautiful and energetic young lady that shines on the stage when she dances. The designer never met her in person until the final fitting of the gown, so the design process was carried out with only her measurements. The designer learned about Kate’s personality through videos of her performances and told her story of being Miss Teenage Canada though the design, which obtains the color scheme and style that reflect the best on her.

To see the full story, their runway moments and the full episode of DIY Layover Toronto, please check out the following videos.

Podcast: Discussion with TagFashion

As one of the featured designer at Fashion Forward 2018, Phoenix Ba joined this episode as they dived deep with designers and the found of Fashion Forward Tai, talking about what it’s like being an entrepreneur designer by yourself with the input of Phoenix, what it’s like as at partnership with Andrew/Pierre, and everyone’s input on what one skill can help contribute to an entrepreneurs success! 

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